Soft Launches, TekWar Podcast, and Where We’re Going

It’s been roughly 3 months since the soft launch of Autistic Mercury. We’ve had ups, downs, lefts, and rights. Thankfully, our bearings are straight right now, and AM only grows stronger by the day. However, I still consider AM in its beta stage, or its “soft launch” phase.

Autistic Mercury

With almost daily output, and easily over 100 unique daily readers from across the globe, we’ve come a long way from the white paper of wanting to restore AM. We did restore it. And we are continuing to harden it.

So why, with almost daily output and over 100 unique daily readers across the globe, do I consider AM still in its beta? We simply haven’t nailed the formula yet. We’ll always believe in quality over quantity, which is why we don’t post the things you see on Buzzfeed. However, with quality comes time and with a limited team of writers, we don’t always put out 1 article a day. Sometimes its every 3 days, or every other, but I won’t consider AM officially launched until we can expand our writing staff to where we are getting a definitive output of 1 article per day, from one of our various writers. Ideally, I’d want to see 2-3 articles per day. When this is reached, I will consider AM fully launched.

How will we reach this? It’s difficult to control steady output when looking for utmost quality. If you’d like to write for us, we do compensate your work with fiat or Bitcoin. That is one incentive. Second, naturally as we grow, we’ll attract more and more writers who see the power in AM and want to be published. We want to start a war on traditional media. The media that fulfills the essence of Clown World. The media that drives you towards psychosis. To rise up against these powers, we must grow stronger, grow larger, to their size. It is then that we can whip out the content armaments and start firing for real.

Upon the full launch we will give the site several design upgrades, and start expanding into multi-media. Speaking of which, we have a podcast now.

TekWar Podcast

2 weeks ago we started the official Autistic Mercury Podcast, which quickly changed names impromptu to the official TekWar Podcast, per Kantbot’s executive decision. This is the first round of our expansion into multi-media.

The podcast is formulated in the following way. Main hosting of the episodes takes place on Subscribers pay $5/month for early access to the 3 weekly episodes. Cheapskates who don’t want to pay the price of their morning coffee on the worlds sickest podcast can wait for the episodes to be uploaded one at a time, on iTunes Podcasts. Cheapskates diverting from the Gumroad route will just receive a normal one episode a week.

So far, Kantbot and I have been hosting the show. We have had on guests including Matt Forney, Logo Daedalus, and Delicious Tacos. Future guests include the likes of Mike Cernovich, Cassandra Fairbanks, Eli Schiff, and many, many more. So I suggest you get a subscription.

Where We’re Headed

We are going to continue uploading and producing content on AM. We are going to continue the TekWar Podcast. We only plan on growing larger. Ire Publications LLC is meant to act as the shell-corp for AM. However, as a publishing company, and legally established entity, we’re not just a shell. I want Ire Publications to rival Amazon. Really? No, not really. Although, I really dislike Amazon. Technocrat issues aside, something that bothers me about Amazon is its self-publishing platform.

Amazon doesn’t let you be self-published. You’re just published by Amazon, and you have the illusion of being self-published. You also make less money per book than with a traditional indie publisher on sales. Well, you may be thinking, that depends on the publisher, doesn’t it? It does, dear reader, you’re correct. However, Ire Publications is doing something unique. We’ll publish your book, and work with you in a way that is intimate, proactive, and best of all: whereas Amazon will publish you and give you a 60% royalty rate on paperbacks sold on Amazon marketplaces through their publishing channels, Ire Publications offers you 80%. Yes, 80% in royalties. So go ahead, print your next book through Bezos the MDFL Technocrat, but remember- there are less insidious and more profitable routes to be taken.

Speaking of publishing books, that brings us to the last update. Autistic Mercury: Volume 1 will be a physical book, a collection of short stories from your favorite authors, and art from your favorite artists. There is no release date visible on the horizon, but the book is in progress, our writers are writing, so you just hang tight.

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