The Autistic Mercury Has Officially (soft) Launched

Welcome to the BETA, kid.

I am pleased to announce that I have hit my Ire Publications deadline of launching The Autistic Mercury by 2/26/2019, once and for all.

This page, the Ire Publications home, will serve as a headquarters of sorts where you can contact us about publishing works, writing, or whatever you see fits.

As we are in the BETA, please be patient with design, UI, and things of that sort, alright? We’re going to work out all the kinks in the coming week, and with that….more and more articles.

Right now for this soft launch I’ve decided to lead with a book review on Ted Kaczynski’s latest book submitted to me by a Twitter user. You can check out the review here.

Thank you and Stay Tuned!

Warren Nokoshima

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