Official Re-Brand, Welcome to the Autistic Mercury

10th January, 2019

Dear Readers,

You go on and what do you see? Some would call it a blog, others a digital magazine. Well, despite what your vision presents you, Ire Publications is neither a blog, or a digital magazine. We are a publication company and as such, we are going to begin an aesthetic and internal rearrangement in regards to how we function as a company. The WordPress will remain, but will only serve as a hub for updates and news regarding the direction of Ire Publications including but not limited to: new acquisitions, physical releases, and more.

This restructuring comes on the heels of a deal striked with Kantbot of Autistic Mercury. So now, the first ever project to be published by Ire Publications is: Autstic Mercury.  From now on, all stories, critiques, inquiries, blog roundups, and much, much more will be posted to

Website, posts, and legal structuring are currently in the works. Buckle up, and stay tuned..

Autistic Mercury is coming back soon, and it’s crashing through the wall like the fucking Kool-Aid man.


Warren Nokoshima

Contact: @WNokoshima




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