Recruitment, Specifications, and our Teleology

Ire Publications

January 8th, 2019



Ire began as an entity to work with Kantbot after his Angel Investor evaded. Having his read his Plan for An Autistic Mercury, but no Mercury in sight, I approached him and offered to procure the funds for AM and bring it into fruition. We came damn near to finishing up plans, until mid-December there was a lag due to private events.


  1. [(Buzzfeed + Vice) – Anti-Intellectualism] = Ire Publications? : There was a time I was fond of Vice. They used to have some genuinely entertaining content that I could rely on for sedentary pleasure while pretending to work at my desk in my office. But Vice sold out, and has consequently become shit. Buzzfeed is the furthest thing was intellectual, with their pop-corn journalism model of information that no one on this planet ever would need or even want. However, seeing as most fringe content creators publish on Twitter, I think pop-corn isn’t all that bad so long as it is intellectually stimulating or that the reader walks away with something valuable.
  2. Diverse Content: Instead of a Marxist publication, or Capitalist, Formalist, Futarchist, etc., what I want to do is create an egregore of all of this, from the autistic mind. This means this is not an “alt-right” or “NRx” or “Marxist” blog. It is an encapsulation of the collective consciousness of the fringe ideologues that have been percolating on message boards, their own individual blogs, or more likely, Twitter. Ire wants to unite everyone under one umbrella, and create an alternative-fringe media machine. One that challenges the mediocre, bubble-wrapped bullshit presented by anyone on the mainstream. We’re going to change the status quo.

Our “Mood”

-Experimental    -Provocative
-Educated          -Scathing
-Optimistic         -Satirical
-Literary              -Meta


Authors have a lot of free range on what to write about. Whether it’s a critique of a place you ate, an elaborate scathe of the New York City Subway and how it relates to Calhoun’s Ratse, or your own take on current events, to NRx Ducktales. With adament development and stubborn determination, I feel like I can make this really big, and then we all win. Including the humanities.


As this is grassroots, we’d like to start with a request of pro-bono journalism to start just this first 1-2 week bit till company incorporates and such things are officiated, however soon after that, unlike many nascent independent publications, we are capable of guaranteed compensation, (BTC or USD), given your consistent quality and adaptability. Your degree of involvement will depend largely upon your own discretion, and there is a high degree of flexibility in this area. That is why the main purpose of this post other than to fill you in on the project, is to recruit your involvement. 

As a part of the recruitment process, we’re looking to collect a list of contributors/writer inventory, and to survey what everyone would like to write about, how much everyone is able to write, and how frequently.

This is a publication by the autistic man, for the autistic man. We will redefine the status quo. Gamers, rise up.

Thank you,

Warren Nokoshima

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