Hey buddy, want to make some cash?

Abstractly, my goal is to arm the humanities the way J.P. Morgan armed Tesla and other innovators. Nauseous with the state of affairs concerning the media in the mainstream, and even the fringes, what I would like to do is arm as many of you little fringe intellectual autistisches and start an all star team of savants right here on this planta-sweatsh- blog.


A true treasure in this community was right there with me ready to wage this war.. while I was ready to (and still am) fund it after an Angel Investor pulled out. The plan was for me to acquire and support the growth of Autistic Mercury while allowing its original owners to maintain their own creative vision, which we already shared anyway.

Ire Publications was to act as an umbrella organization for A.M. however, as time went on, things went from having the Mercury’s general right by my side to a random disappearance. Unfortunately, communication has slowed to a halt. However my ambition has only grown stronger. That, my friends is what leads to to this iteration of Ire, a publication for the furthest of fringe ideology, by the autist and for the autist. The scope of topics discussed on here will be extremely broad, though all should hearken back to a core philosophy. Right now that philosophy is simply: do what the dying magazines aren’t. And what they aren’t doing, or trying, is taking into the account the enormous Internet egregore of comedic and intellectual prowess. 

Of course, if you’ve read this far, you might have noticed that for grander, more provocative, and formal essays, I’ll need to contract the community. This is where we form an egregore of the autistic mind, and channel that towards turning this website into a cyber neo-Don Quixote. Writers will be contracted and paid per article and reserve the right to hold proprietary rights to their works.


Contact on Twitter @WNokoshima

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